What Drink Your Zodiac Sign Tells You to Order

What Drink Your Zodiac Sign Tells You to Order

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Walking up to a bar can be intimidating… so many different options, how do you even know what you’re supposed to like? Well, fret not! All you’ve got to do is turn to the stars to guide you to your ideal drink. 


Aries are the strong, impulsive and let’s face it, crazy ones of the bunch. Because of this, simplicity simply will not do. Aries should seek out something fiery, like a spicy margarita! And when all else fails, shots can suffice as well. 

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Taurus are dependable people, and their go to drink should be as well! That’s why we suggest this sign seek out a glass of champagne. It’s classy, yet can be hit or miss. 

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Geminis are two speared, with a perfectly representative symbol of twins. Because of this, and the fact that geminis typically embody fun, your go to drink should be something two-toned. Like… a strawberry mango margarita!

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Now we all know that cancers are ruled by their emotions. And what says emotions more than a yummy glass of rose!

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Leos are BOLD and love the spotlight. Nothing average would suit a leo, so whiskey is an absolute must. We suggest a whiskey sour to hit the spot!


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Virgos are straightforward and to the point, and their drink should be too. You should be ordering a vodka soda, simplicity at it’s finest. (And don’t forget the lime!) 

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Absolutely nothing says libra like a mimosa! As a sign that loves to see everyone happy, mimosas are the perfect drink, symbolizing balance and providing fun for all! (Maybe even a bottomless brunch… if you dare)

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Scorpios are the epitome of mystery and let’s face it, quite a bit of darkness as well. Because of this, Scorpio needs something atypical. While you may not have heard of it before, the chaos ladder brings together all of the broody goodness that comes with scorpios. 

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The adventure lovers! Sags need something as fun loving as they are, which in our eyes, nothing fits better than a tiki cocktail. While a Tai Tai is a good go to, we’d say a painkiller is even better. Don’t forget the fun cup!

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Capricorns are organized, and neat- just like your favorite martini! This straightforward sign deserves a straightforward, yet class drink. 

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We love the eccentricity of Aquarius, and their go to drink should be the same. A Paloma is the perfect drink that’s easy to order, yet shakes it up from the normal go tos. And in the summertime? Try getting it frozen!

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Pisces are emotional, but filled to the brim with love. A glass of red wine is the perfect go to for this sign!

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