Summer Bucket List: Making the Most of the Last Month of Summer!

Summer Bucket List: Making the Most of the Last Month of Summer!

The summer is halfway over, but there is still so much time left to enjoy the warmth! Make the most of August by exploring and enjoying new experiences. Check out these ideas for summer fun and add something new to your Summertime Bucket List!

1. Go on a Ropes Course:

It is summertime, which is a time for adventure and new experiences- especially in the warmth of the outdoors. Try to challenge your comfort zone and try out a Ropes Course! Climb, test your balance, and take in the views from treetops. You will see the outdoors in a new light and embrace that adventurous side- you’ve got this!

 2. Play a Game/Hit the Arcades:

Arcades are a classic, and many of them have evolved with the times to become Arcade Bars! At Bar Arcades, you can enjoy a drink while playing those old favorite games. Give them a try this summer- this is perfect for rainy days! 

Games are a must, and one perk of being an adult is having better coordination than you may have had as a kid. Like our Claw Machines, Carnival games bring joy to players of all ages- and the satisfaction of winning never gets old. Cocktail Claw is all about the nostalgic elements of Claw Machines with prizes that have an adult appeal- cocktails! 

Pick your game of choice, drink of choice, and competitors of choice and let loose at this unique twist on gaming this summer. 

3. Have a Barbeque/Bonfire: 

Nothing screams summer like S’more by the fire with friends and a freshly grilled dinner. Make this summer staple happen and rekindle friendships over a casual hangout! These are a fun and easy way to celebrate the summer without high-commitment travel. We love to barbeque at local parks and watch the sunset with our homemade treats. This is guaranteed to brighten up the season for you and whoever may join in on the fun!

4. Try Boating:

Generally, when thinking about boating, people imagine either fishermen on a rowboat at 6am or wild yachts with a DJ, parties, and drinks- basically just what we see in movies. But taking boat rides can be a lot more casual and a ton of fun! If you get a chance to go to a lake, river, or the ocean this summer, consider trying to boat. 

You can use a motorboat or keep it manual with a canoe, kayak, rowboat, peddling boat, or even try paddleboarding (not technically a boat but just as fun). Bring a speaker, some friends, a canned cocktail, and enjoy a day on the water. Everyone should try boating at least once- why not check that off the bucket list this summer? 

5. Go to a State Fair/Carnival:

Carnivals were a childhood classic for many of us, from the rides and games to fried foods and happy memories. Let’s bring back that tradition! Look up your local carnival or go more large-scale with a State Fair. Try a new ride that you were once afraid of, or maybe experiment with different snacks like freeze-dried ice cream. Gather up a group or go with your significant other and relax!

You may even try out a Claw Machine and remember how fun they are! Here at Cocktail Claw, we love the joy of playing games- we simply offer a modern adult twist to keep the prizes more interesting. Win-win! Regardless of what Carnival game that you choose, it will improve the summer vibes-the options are endless! Take the journey into the past and create new memories for the future at your local carnival. 

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