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Cocktail Claw is a claw machine concept that is a childhood classic with an adult twist -- a Claw Machine for grownups! Our machines aren't filled with stuffed animals, Cocktail Claw is stuffed with miniature bottles of booze for the adult fun!

*PLEASE NOTE. Pricing is variable and fluctuates from market to market including variables such as time of year, event size and other factors.  Please select the corresponding city for pricing in your market for your event today!

Cocktail Claw at the party. People are having a great time playing Cocktail Claw.
The Cocktail Claw is your unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to engage your wedding guests...
A Claw Machine is THE way to make your exhibitor booth stand out! Here's how the program works: W...
Cocktail Claw is perfect for your weddings, bachelorette or backyard birthday parties! Getting ba...
From $895.00

Charity Event

Charity Claw successfully replaces the 'silent' or 'live' auction as our Claw Machine are deployed in a way that allo...