How We Work

How Cocktail Claw Works With Your Existing Liquor Package
We get asked a lot of questions regarding how we work and the legality of it. First things first, we are NOT in the liquor industry! We are in the event rental industry and we sell/rent our our claw machine to you. You get to fill up the machine with items you like, miniature bottles as well if you're in a private area, and experience the childhood classic of a claw machine! 
Step 1: Event hosts (bride/groom, coordinator, etc..), that has a private guest list and private dedicated space and does not charge an entry fee rents the machine.

Step 2: Guests step up to the machine.

Step 3: The machine is FREE to play!

Step 4: NO prizes ever leave the machine or are handed to the guest.

Step 5: The participant never wins anything and instead can order the miniature airplane bottle as part of the liquor package.

Step 6: Bartender at the event space dispenses a drink as part of a normal course of business liquor package.
No money exchanges hands at anytime (it's a rental), no one actually wins a miniature bottle of alcohol at any time as we have an attendant there at all times.  It's just like a guest ordering a drink from the bartender as part of an overall drink package with event spaces responsible for any dispensing!