The Guide to Surviving Wedding Planning

The Guide to Surviving Wedding Planning

It happened: The love of your life finally proposed! You and your partner are ecstatic to start this new chapter of life together and rush to tell family and friends the big news. Now that you have settled into this new role and savored the moment, it is time to start the daunting task of wedding planning. Whether it is for a destination wedding, 300-person guest list, or a 6-person ceremony in your backyard, weddings take challenging work to plan. There are endless hours of searching for the right venue, DJ, officiant, date, and guest list. 

Over the years, many weddings have become more about status than a celebration of love. To bring it back to those roots, we want to make sure that your wedding planning runs smoothly so that the marriage can start blissfully. Here is Cocktail Claw’s “Guide to Surviving Wedding Planning,” the basic tips to make sure you and your partner can spend more time enjoying their time engaged and less time worrying about the color of tablecloths! 

#1: Create Basic Boundaries.

You and your partner may think that you are totally in tune with each other about how the wedding will be, but that may not always be accurate. Take time to sit down with each other and talk through what kind of wedding would be ideal, what is most important, and how you can help each other work through the planning. Understanding your partner’s preferences and concerns allows you to better empathize. 

For example, one person may be dead set on a big wedding, and their partner might really want to have a destination wedding. They can find compromise through a less expensive destination to host everyone, or to have a private ceremony at a destination and a larger reception somewhere more local. Some people want more family opinions on the planning, while other couples opt to stick to their vision and only include family in planning specific components. Setting those guidelines NOW will result in far less miscommunication and a more unified front.    

#2: Set a Wedding Planning Check-in Time Weekly.

Work and life often get CRAZY, so wedding planning sometimes goes on the backburner or placed more on one partner than the other. Decide a time- even fifteen minutes- weekly to work on wedding planning and brainstorming. This also allows time to check in with how your partner is feeling about everything- preventing opinions from getting bottled up and exploding later on. Talk openly about what projects have been completed, what needs to be done, and what you want to change. 

Having these check-ins helps with consistency while planning and lessens imbalances in responsibility. You do not want to have the whole wedding’s success on your shoulders and I am SURE your partner does not want that for themselves either. It is kind of like how marriage functions too (foreshadowing for the soon-to-be NEWLYWEDS); both partners need to work together equally to remain happy and prosperous.

#3: Make a “Splurge, Save, Wait” List.

There is endless Wedding Inspo across the internet- falling down the Pinterest wormhole is basically a rite of passage when planning the big day. As grand as the ideas may be, there is a chance that your budget is not as frivolous. Your wedding does not NEED every single idea from online to be beautiful and special (even if it does not seem like it at first). 

To avoid starting the marriage off in debt, try making a “splurge, save, wait” list. Each partner writes down the elements that they would rather splurge on to make the day perfect, parts which could be cut back on to eliminate costs, and things that would be nice to have, but ONLY if there is enough money to spend on them later on in the planning process. 

For some, an extravagant cake is more important than a pricey dress, or you may be more open to splurging on the huge venue over hand-painted invitations. A sparkler sendoff would be cute but is worth holding off on to make sure that your food is DIVINE. Write out your lists, compare, and choose which conflicting elements you both can compromise on. Check back on the lists frequently while planning. This way, you can make sure that you remain on track and are staying true to the ‘big picture.’ 

#4: Celebrate with your Partner.

Although it may seem like it through the hours of planning, a wedding is certainly not a chore. Remember why you are working towards this day- it is a time to celebrate your love and devotion in this new chapter as a married couple. Build little milestones into the planning process to honor the hard work you both have endured. Cherish every moment in the time you are engaged and have FUN with it! Pop some champagne, make a countdown- whatever works to enjoy the memories you are building. On the wedding day, we always recommend raising a glass to your future. Play a round with Cocktail Claw for your favorite liquor and cheer post-ceremony (or pre-ceremony: beat the nerves)! However you choose to celebrate, make sure you stay UNIFIED in this journey- your partner is there to support you, just as you support them. Show the love!

#5: Solidify your Special Wedding Features.

No couple is the same, so it only makes sense that no wedding is the same! Talk to your partner about what you want to have at your wedding to show your personality. Whether it be a taco truck, a signature cocktail, certain decorations, or even interactive entertainment, let your energy shine!

Having an aesthetic wedding is beautiful, but your guests are not going to remember every tiny detail. They will, however, keep the fun and experiential moments from your wedding with them. So raise the laughter and avoid stressing about the little things- a wedding is a party, after all!

Cocktail Claw is a great option to personalize events- we bring a modern spin on the classic Claw Game that is guaranteed to have guests of all ages reminiscing and having the time of their lives. Nostalgia will be through the ROOF, bringing up old memories with family and friends while you create new ones. Plus, prizes that are more adult-friendly are sure to impress (and will make the dance moves at the reception a LOT more entertaining)! 

Decide with your partner what you want to feature and set those up EARLY in the planning process- make it a non-negotiable in your budget and enjoy your unique wedding. 


#6: Do not be Afraid to Invest in a Wedding Planner.

No matter how much you feel prepared, wedding planning is a lot for ANYONE. You may have a ton on your plate, and that wedding might get pushed back further and further without either partner being able to handle the planning process. Want to have that dream wedding AND avoid the stress of planning? Hire a Wedding Planner! They know exactly what to do to ensure your wedding planning and execution run smoothly- it is literally their job! There is no shame in asking for help, and you may even find some better budget-stretching tips through their guidance. Do your research and find a planner that works best for you and your partner. There are only so many hours in a day, so creating an entire event might not fit into your schedule.

Decide on a plan that is ideal for you and your partner, and stay consistent with it! Work through the tasks together, communicate, and remember to breathe. It will still be a large project, but well worth the effort! Keep these tips in mind and enjoy the ride. Congrats to the soon-to-be newlyweds and Good luck!

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