Unique Valentines Day Ideas

Unique Valentines Day Ideas
This past year has been… one of a kind to say the least. So why should your valentines day be ordinary? This is the year to think outside of the box, so we’ve compiled a list of extra special ideas for your extra special someone. 


Have your photographs taken. 

We live in the era of instagram- you’d be lying if you said you don’t want cute, professional pics of you and your SO. Having a professional photoshoot is an intimate, fun date that just might get you out of your comfort zone. Plus, you get some cute flicks out of it! 

(Via Garret Tores Photography)

Play a claw machine
Seems random, I know. But nothing says nostalgia like a good old arcade style date. Companies like Cocktail Claw even allow you to rent out a machine, with the opportunity to fill it with you and boos heart’s desire. 
Get the souvenirs without the travel. 
We’ve all missed it, but 2020-2021’s lack of international travel doesn’t mean that you are unable to get your SO a one of a kind trinket from an ocean away. Ecommerce shops like GBLagos allow you to support unique, artisan small businesses across the world while surprising your person with a gift like no other! Double win!
(Via GBLagos)

Rent a chocolate fountain. 
Nothing says indulgence like a chocolate fountain. Thankfully, such romantic luxuries do not only have to be an option for only the wealthy, you and your love can rent one for the day! Doesn’t get much better than that. 

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