Cocktail Claw is THE answer to provide a two hour absolutely fun, safe, healthy and social distanced party for your event!
Cocktail Claw delivers the machine to your party, from there, a socially distanced line forms throughout the event time, party with one person is allowed to play per ticket, or a small group from the same family is allowed to play at the same time. There can only be a line of 10 people socially distant while standing in line and following Covid guidelines. The machine is cleaned with disinfectant between plays!
Step 1: Cocktail Claw Is Delivered To Your Party!
Step 2: A Socially Distanced Line Forms To Play Cocktail Claw
Step 3: One Person Or Same Family Allowed To Play Cocktail Claw
Step 4: Machine Is Disinfected Between Plays

Cocktail Claw Safety