Purchase A Custom Kid Claw

Cocktail Claw is the party that everyone is talking about- and it can be yours to own! Fill out the contact form below to begin the information process of putting together a customized Cocktail Claw for your home. We will discuss customized branding, machine options, and extra special additions just for you.

$2,795 including re-skin claw machine

Delivery Fees are separate and will be calculated based on delivery area

Kid Claw in action

You want a Kid Claw?

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Host Parties at your home and be the Party Everyone Is Talking About! You will be the first amongst your friends to have a custom-built, custom-designed machine with a name we create for you!

Cocktail Claw will deliver the machine, door to door service within 30-days of order and provide one hour of training in how to set the machine controls.

Cocktail Claw cannot guard against mishaps that may occur at parties, however the Cocktail Claw team will provide six months of guaranteed replacement joysticks (up to two) if requested and one year of virtual assistance in the event it is needed.